J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter, The Shack & edgy Christian Fiction!

Four things that have a LOT in common! They will currently get you a ton of hits on your blog! So if you’re looking to get someone to look at what you’ve written, post something on any of these subjects.

J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter will work best to get you hits if you push the possible Christian allegory or lack thereof, whichever your opinion is. Readers of Protestant friendly fiction particularly like to sound off on this. I’m not looking to get hits so I’ll not share my opinion. *but my daughter has read everyone of Ms. Rowling’s books and loved them and absorbed them and forced me to attend two mid-night book release parties the second of which I set her off on her own and told her to call me when she had her book!*

Edgy Christian Fiction will also warrent a look or two especially since those who post about this don’t usually share that they’re talking about Christian fiction that appeals to a particular audience of Christians who aren’t used to seeing edgy fiction whatever edgy is. That’s another question in and of itself.

The same goes for posting about what makes a Christian Fiction book Christian? It’s hardly a valid question or one that can really be answered unless the poster specifies whether they’re referring to the broader Christian market of Christian fiction or fiction targeted to a select group of believers.

And by ALL means post something about The Shack! Even if you’ve never read the book. And don’t just give a review. Give a disertation disguised as a review. It doesn’t even matter if you liked the book or not. You’re sure to fill you hit quota for the week.

And if all that fails, post something about steampunk desk or mouse or steampunk whatever. Mr. Frank Creed seems to get more hits than anyone else on this blog concerning his posting of such subject matter.


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