Great Reviews for League of Superheroes!

Just look at some of the review excerpts Stephen L. Rice received from the FIRST Wildcard tour!

“. . . a super-fun read! This group of geeky teens must save the world with their unique skills…and try not to get caught by their folks!”

“. . . a highly entertaining story with some terrific spiritual lessons explained along the way! It sounds like there are more adventures ahead for this unusual group, so if you like superheroes, then Stephen Leon Rice is someone you need to look into further!”

“. . . a really great book. when I first started reading it it reminded me a bit of Maximum Ride….but MUCH BETTER! seriously…you guys should get a copy to read of this book!”

“I’m hooked. Very creative and enjoyable. I plan on passing it on to my niece and nephew next. They’re picky readers, but I think this is one they’ll enjoy.”

“. . . funny, dynamic, and a real thriller. I can’t wait to see the next adventures of the League of Superheroes!”

“Rice writes with humor and heart. I was laughing so loud during the scene when Rod acquires his suit, I was afraid that my family would think I was crazy. Rice taps into the insecurities that come with adolescence and gives each boy a strong individual personality. The plot moves whiplash fast, and the story is compelling.”

League of Superheroes
Stephen Leon Rice
Christian Science Fiction
Young Adult
ISBN: 978-1-934284-0-56
TWCP; October 2008; $9.95; 216 pg.


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