Forever Richard in your bookstore!

Forever Richard in your bookstore.

Well, if you’d like it there, I suggest you go pre-order it at the store of your choice. Each and every bookstore in the free world can order it and get it in. They can also put it on their shelf but won’t unless they see a demand for it first (because TWCP isn’t one of the larger publishers and doesn’t have the funds it takes to ensure every book they put out automatically shows up in every bookstore on every street corner. DUH!)

I would like to remind, however, that it might be better to stick with bigger booksellers as chains, that dabble in a specific brand of fiction, won’t bring it into their store even if they can.

Why would they?

Specifically, don’t think that just because I claim to be a Christian that my work will show up in Christian bookstores. It very likely won’t.

I’d tell you why but I’ve already told you a gazillion times before and won’t bore you again. (unless you ask šŸ™‚ However, it’s important to note that one way to get Forever Richard into CBA/ECPA affiliated Christian bookstores (and even Independent Christian bookstores who seem to follow the trend of only ordering CBA/ECPA affiliated literature,) should you decide that’s where you’d like to see it, is to just buy the book everywhere else first. Apparently astronomical sales can warrant an override in qualifications such as what happened with The Shack.

Oddly enough, CBA’s approving this non-affiliated book for their affiliated bookstores didn’t really help Mr. Young all that much as their core-market readers reacted very badly in far too many instances to note here.

So maybe it’s just better to say, don’t worry about getting it into affiliated Christian bookstores. It wasn’t written for that market and like The Shack, may offend more readers than it appeals to.

But yes, do go preorder from your local bookstore. Especially if you want them to keep it on their shelf. šŸ™‚


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