Sue, will you be at the ACFW booksigning?!

Sue, will you be at the ACFW booksigning?!

Ummmm . . . no. And yes, I get asked this question quite a bit. I considered it the first year I was a member because all I had to do was ship the books in and show up, or so I was told. The reason I didn’t attend is because I didn’t think I’d sell enough books to justify going.
The second year, since I had so many readers from the market ACFW cators to, I thought I’d give it a shot. I was told then that I had to pay for two days of the conference just to participate, maybe it was one, nevertheless, the price was steep and lessened the opportunity for me to even break even.

I don’t attend the ACFW conference because, for the price, there is nothing for me there. Most, if not all workshops and speakers are representing the CBA/ECPA whom they write for or are associated with, the very unique and targeted core market CBA/ECPA were set up to protect. I don’t limit myself to writing for any specific market of Christians so attending would just be something I’d do if I had some money to throw away, which I don’t.

It’s sad for me too because so many of my readers are CBA/ECPA market readers and are eager for me to show up and sell my books. But I can’t afford to and, since I don’t follow the content restrictions and guidelines CBA/ECPA use to protect their core market, I hardly see the point. 99.9% of attending authors will be CBA/ECPA affiliated. Most of the buyers will be CBA/ECPA core market readers. My books would most likely offend more people than they would appeal to.
Doesn’t make for good sales. LOL

I did consider doing a book signing the same week end at Northwestern Christian book store around the corner, thinking that because they were Independent and didn’t pull stock specifically from CBA and ECPA, I might stand a chance of getting one set up. But ACFW authors started expressing an interest in doing sattelite booksignings and I was out. CBA’s influence in Chrisian bookstores, Indpenedent or not, is incredibly strong.

I tried though. πŸ™‚

BTW this post has nothing to do with Michael Hyatt!!!! *gasp* :O
(for those paying attention, I only mentioned the name Michael Hyatt because he google’s his name and will sometimes post when he deems it necessary. He hit one of my blogs the other day because I posted a short blurb about the Christian Book Expo (another hotspot for Mr. Hyatt, I guess.) Anyway, I didn’t want him to feel left out. πŸ™‚


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