Death of Christian Bookstores

I found this while googleing! (yes, happy birthday Google, 10 years old today. Woo hoo! *like I care.* LOL)

Death of Christian Bookstores

It is very interesting, and I left a comment myself, that this blogger laments the fact that if Christian bookstores go, there’ll be no safe haven for Christians without addressing the fact that by Christians he means a very unique and select group of Christians and not all Christians in general. To him, it seems, it’s either a Christian bookstore or secular.

Since I write for the general market (as a Christian) and don’t write for the conservative market Christian(not meaning all Christians) Bookstores serve, I really have no dog in the hunt, (as some Christians have so nicely told me.) Still, I wonder if acknowleding who their market truly is wouldn’t save them.

Anyway, go to the link if you’d like. 🙂


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