Christian Book Expo and how it affects authors who are Christians.

Well, it doesn’t help all authors who are Christians. Only those who are CBA and ECPA affiliated.
It seems Thomas Nelson, CBA’s biggest publisher has decided to avoid CBA conventions altogether and Book Expo America as well. You can blog to see Thomas Nelson’s reasons. Mr. Hyatt does a far better job of explaining this than I could ever hope to do.
I have to admit, I’m a little surprised. Thomas Nelson is still CBA affiliated according to Michael Hyatt. And the code of ethics I’ve read, which CBA posts on-line, pretty much says you support CBA if you’re affiliated. Don’t know how not attending CBA conventions and starting your own, in a market that is already stretched thin can be called support but I’m not privy to all the information.
It’s an interesting move I think. CBA made Thomas Nelson what they are and now Thomas Nelson is pulling out of their conventions altogether to create their own CBA convention errr . . . Thomas Nelson Book expo . . . errrr Christian Book Expo. *aye, my head is spinning* Perhaps this was the only way Thomas Nelson could corner the label Christian for the CBA/ECPA market and have it applied to their conventions. Maybe not. Either way, we slide deeper into the land of confusion.
If you attend the Book Expo and you’re a Christian publisher or author but don’t attend the Christian Book Expo because you don’t serve the very targeted CBA/ECPA market, can you still call yourself a Christian publisher or Christian author?
Of course you can silly but you still won’t get your work into a Christian Bookstore because they only select books from CBA and ECPA affiliated authors.
So what publishers and authors will benefit from the Christian Book Expo?
CBA and ECPA affiliated Christian publishers.
Addendum – Since Mr. Hyatt took the time to comment, I’ll feel obligated to add this. Please follow the link he provided by Mr. Hyatt for more information on Christian Book Expo. This post is simply meant to address which Christian authors stand to benefit from it. 🙂
And for those of you who don’t know me, when I say Christian authors I mean all Christian authors, Catholics, Baptists, conservative, radical, non-denomonational farrrrr too many to list.

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