old same old

As an author, I try to make my book available to those who seem to want to read my work. When I started getting a lot of overwhelming responses from Christian readers, I began to seek out being listed on websites that favored posting books for authors who were admittedly Christian.

Right away I learned that CBA Christian publishers had this market wrapped up as well. Every on-line Christian bookstore typically only list books published by CBA affiliated Christian authors. No Christian writing for the general market has any hope of showing up without a LOT of work that they shouldn’t have to go through.

I contacted to find out how they selected the books listed on their site. I spoke with a Customer Service representative who told me this is what she was but that she could explain what I needed to know. She said they get their books from Ingram.

Well, that’s nice. “Of course,” I said, “you mean Spring Arbor, Ingram’s Christian arm.”

“Yes,” she replied.

Why then, I wondered, are my publishers other books which have been out for some time not listed? They’re with Spring Arbor.

I got no explanation. I was told I could e-mail customer service and direct the e-mail to Kevin, no last name.

Oh, well. Simply another Christian book site where you won’t automatically be seeing my work. Sorry folks but it seems that’s the way the ball bounces. You’ll only see my books here on when it sells so much elsewhere that it can’t be ignored.


2 thoughts on “ old same old

  1. That’s great Cafe Furniture! And carries tons of “Christian” fiction for discriminating readers such as yourself. Sadly they tend to not carry books by Christian authors unless they write for a very exclusive market of Christian readers and that’s even when the work has been approved for distribution to the Christian market by Spring Arbor. You’re missing a lot of good fiction. ;D


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