Odd but not unusual

Since Never Ceese, (which I still make no money off of BTW, except for on the few books Journey Stone has left after selling out all of their inventory of NC minus the books they owe me for website work) was published by a Christian publisher (but not by a CBA affiliated Christian publisher) and widely read and loved by readers of CBA Christian fiction I feel compelled to explain.

I write for the general market as a Christian, just as Stephanie Meyer writes for the general market as a Mormon. When NC began to make a splash with readers of CBA Christian fiction, it started showing up on lists with primarily CBA Christian books. While this isn’t a huge problem it is a real one. There are, at the very least two very disntinct markets for Christian fiction. The general Christian market and the CBA Christian market. The general Christian market appeals to a very wide and accepting group of readers. The CBA Christian market is made up of conservative evangelicals most of whom wouldn’t read a vampire book if it reached up and bit them. CBA publishers include but is not limited to: Thomas Nelson (though in a recent PW article they claimed they don’t write Christian fiction they are in fact the number one CBA publisher and have been for some time,) Penguin, Zondervan, Bethany House, Nav Press, to name a few.

I do not have a CBA affiliated publisher. Their writing conventions are too conservative and the work they put out doesn’t usually appeal to the general Christian market.

I write for the general market and general Christian market. These two markets couldn’t be more different than the CBA Christian market. As I’ve said before, I’m quite excited that my book appeals to CBA readers. Perhaps that market will take note and realize that their core market is actually growing to encompass less conservative readers!

Also remember that when the term Christian fiction is used, it typically denotes CBA Christian fiction. It’s a very confusing matter and I’ll not add to the confusion by calling my work that. You can call it whatever you want though. 🙂


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