Sue Dent’s got a little time to play, oh yes she does!

Well, I like to call it playing anyway! Actually still a lot to be done but so nice to be able to say a release date for Forever Richard is pending; September 1st is when I can announce it! Time to work on website and blogs and all sorts of things.

Watch shortly and I’ll add a link to for those of you who’d like to know that some money is actually coming to me every time Never Ceese sells. If you don’t know already, Journey Stone Creations sold 99.9% of their stock of Never Ceese, (and some of their other books as well) to a wholesaler. I found out through googling.

How cool is that! 😮

Awwww, I’m sure they had a good reason. *quickly types in web address for Writers Beware* What? I like to stay informed. 🙂

So, anyways, watch for more and tell your friends they can now access my blog through my website at

Oh and for all my Christian readers, um, yeah, Never Ceese isn’t in any Christian bookstores or even any on-line Christian bookstores because the rule of thumb is “ya gotta pay the money to be CBA/ECPA affiliated or ya don’t get in.” Well, not until your book outsells everything they stock and they can’t ignore you anymore.

Journey Stone never had an official distributor though so it hardly stood a chance anyway. Well, they did have an official distributor when I signed the contract with them, STL but STL is a CBA/ECPA distributor and primarily distributes only to Christian bookstores. Journey Stone didn’t pay the big books to be CBA/ECPA affiliated so it did little good to pay a distributor to TRY and get their books into stores that primarily only shelves CBA/ECPA books. The sad thing was, STL never let Journey Stone know this little known fact.

Forever Richard will have the normal distribution, however, even through Spring Arbor, the Christian arm of Ingram. So when I get ya’ll to storm every single Christian bookstore September the 1st to pre-order, you can tell them when they say, “oooooh, we can’t get that book”, that “oooooh, you can if you push that little button right there!”

Oh HA!

Are we having fun yet!

Sure we are! And we’ll be having way more fun when September 1st rolls around. Heck, we’re gonna storm every Barnes & Noble too. Both Richard and Ceese are desperate to get started on the other books . . . huh? Did I just say that? I think I did!!!


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