Anne Rice – Yeah, I don’t get it. *scratches head*

So the most influencial writer of vampire “fantasy” vows never to write to glorify elements which aren’t particularly “Godly” or of God or not pertaining to God and everyone takes that to mean something other than what it actually means.

Well that’s interesting.

That’s like saying no Christian can write in the Horror genre. 😮 Oops, I guess me and quite a few others have messed up there. *insert list of horror authors writing today who are Christians and do a fine job of maintaining their status as horror writers. Too many to list*

Mrs. Rice made one vow and it’s pretty much the same vow all Christians make. They want to exude their Faith in all that they do. I for one think it will give her writing even more depth, if that’s possible!

I think many are worried that writing as a Christian means a story might differ somehow. This only happens when Christians write for niche markets that have content guidelines and what not to protect their niche audience. Mrs. Rice does not write for a house that has any such restrictions. Knopff publishing, a branch of Random House, is who her publisher is. The same publisher that printed some of her other vampire books. There are no conservative evangelical guidelines for her to follow. Nothing that says she has to do anything other than not glorify those elements of horror that might lead someone away from their Fatih. She need only follow her heart and I’m fairly certain she can do this with amazing results.

If you want to call her on the fact that she said she’d never write vampire lore again, then you just keep calling her on it. She didn’t say that. She said she’d never write the way she wrote it before. Are any of us to assume that means it will be lesser work? I know I’m not bold enough to say that. It won’t be lesser, just different. Mrs. Rice is a superbly talented writer. I believe this genre is where she shines and I believe it’s where God wants her. You can love this genre and still be a fine Christian.

Okay that’s enough from me.

Write on, Mrs. Rice. I for one can not wait to see what you have to offer the horror genre, writing as a Christian and NOT for a specific audience!!


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