Frank’s new desk & steampunk mouse!

Have you read Flashpoint: Book One of the Underground? It is very strange to see gadgets that I imagined for the near future actually come into being!

Check out the brain-wave tech headset. I’m a visionary!

Emotiv brain-scanning headset
The headset is able to translate a variety of human responses into data a computer can use, from facial expressions to thought, and sends the information wirelessly to a USB dongle.

My new desk

Han Solo desk makes a statement about your skills as a boss.
If you want that message to say “I’m a gigantic nerd!” then you really can’t do much better than a desk made to look like Han Solo frozen in carbonite.

My new steampunk mouse

Steampunk mouse adds a twist to traditional steampunk
What makes this steampunk mouse different is that it was designed with more in mind than just copper and pipes. This mouse’s steampunk theme is
around a furnace.

from the website: DVice


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