December Issue of the UNDERGROUND now available

Subscriber Polly Harris described the UNDERGROUND newsletter: “This is probably the best newsletter I’ve ever read.”

The December 2007 issue of Frank Creed’s free UNDERGROUND newsletter is now available.

Fiction contest every issue with publication of the top entries from September 07-September 08 in the year’s Flashpoint fan fiction anthology.

Top three entries for the December o7 contest receive free manuscript evaluation services from The Finishers (critique/ substantive edit/ proofreading) for the short story entry.

What’s in this issue?

Fiction Contest: New Year’s Terror Alert!
Underground Member Spotlight: Karen McSpadden
Critique Corner: To ! or Not to !
News in Spec Fiction: Biz news from publisher TWCP — “Speculative Fiction E-zines Feature”
Last Issue’s Fiction Contest Winning Entry: “Bear Feat” by Stephen Rice
Casting Lots: Mike Roop talks about Role Playing Games
Frankly Speaking: Frank Creed discusses 21st Century BioEthics and Fiction

More information about the UNDERGROUND newsletter can be found at BOOKSOFTHEUNDERGROUND. COM including newsletter sign up — it is easy (name and e-mail) and fast, oh yes, and free!


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