Meet Stephen Rice

Stephen Rice has always enjoyed telling humorous and dramatic stories.

He has a B.A. (double major) in Linguistics and in Foreign Languages, and an M.A. in English (Professional Writing and Editing), both from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. His writing frequently involves someone with an interest in languages, and he has been known to invent languages for stories.

He writes mostly science fiction, with an emphasis on scientific and theological accuracy. (His motto is “Hard science, hard theology, easy reading.”) He won’t write a story he can’t justify theologically.

His first novella was Galatea, a Tale of the Atonement, but the first story he started on was A World Apart, intended to be the first book of a YA sci-fi series. He tends more toward series at the moment, such as “Changelings,” “The League of Superheroes,” and “The False Dawn.”

His current projects include “The League of Superheroes” origin series (he is now working on the fifth and final origin book, Genie Reborn) and several short stories.

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