Some interesting facts about flying into Canada.

While my journey to and from the WHC was uneventful,(save the trip home where in Atlanta I had to go from concourse B to A to E in like 3 minutes only to learn the flight was delayed)I did learn something interesting. When I got off the plane in Canada, there was no airport!! If I’m lying I’m dying. They usher us into this enclosure only to walk out the other side. There’s no airport. There’s a bus however and people are standing in it as though this is what you’re supposed to do and so I follow. For all I know, they could be taking us hostage. After waiting for the few remaining stragglers the bus pulls out and takes us . . . you guessed it, to the airport. Now it’s not really that hard to figure out but when you fly into an airport shouldn’t you land . . . at the airport? Maybe it’s just me but this really worried me. So if you’re ever flying into Canada from the US, be forewarned, you won’t land at the airport. At least not with Delta.


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