World Horror Convention – Monkey Pen invasion!!!

Be afraid! Be very afraid!

Monkey pens first came to my attention in the hands of one Louise Bohmer whose fascination with said item was overwhelming and just darn spooky. The pen seemed to have a luring effect, if you will. Once in your possession, it was hard to put down. One was driven to speak endlessly about it, yet secretively as well. As though it were a grand secret someone should keep from everyone else. A paradox, if you will! Even horror writer extrodinaire, Brian Keene, fell prey to its power as shown here during the mass augograph signing at the WHC Friday night. Yes, the pen was speaking to Brian though we’re not real sure it wasn’t the other way around.

Will Brian ever be the same? Hmmmmmmm . . .

Soon the monkey pen was everywhere!

Louise Bohmer, Sue Dent and Kristy Tallman, all invited guest of Nicholas Grabowsky, soon had the pen in their possession. (They tried to convince Nick he needed one but the monkey pen reacted badly to the suggestion, silently hissing that Mr. Grabowsky most assuredly did NOT need a monkey pen although it never said why.) That’s the way it is with monkey pens though.

But to dispense with all the monkey business, the WHC was an absolute smash though Nick’s baggage got lost in the vast nothingness that is the Denver Airport due to having to circle the airport numerous times because of Snow. Hmmmmmm . . . you’d think they’d be used to that sort of thing by now. Mr. Grabowsky had none of the things he’d packed to bring and spent much of Friday searching for various and asundry toiletries ie toothbrush, razor and hairspray, the latter of which he finally accepted from Fran Friel who offered him some from her stash. Being the upbeat guy he is though, Nick quickly brushed off the inconvenience of well . . . having nothing to sell or promote with and even sang a little bit of “pick yourself up, brush yourself off and start all over again.” It was a rowsing rendition and I believe he has a record contract in the works even as we speak. On another note, Kristy Tallman claims to have pictures of Nick with marshmellows. Something worth coming back to check out!!

The mass author signing was the highlight Friday evening where I finally got to meet up with more than a few of those I’ve corrosponded with on the web. HWA member W.D. Gagliani was one,

and Canadian Kelly Armstrong who in my mind has an awesome fan base. I got one of my best reviews from a fan on her site.

Quite another delight was meeting up with author Don Tumasonis from Norway. Together we braved that really big tower thingy there in Canada, (sorry, I can’t remember what it’s officially called,) and lived to tell about it. And yes Don, BMO does still stand for Bank of Montreal. HA! And also Don, if you hit this blog while purusing the web, I forgot to ask you for your e-mail addy. Assuming you have one, I’d like you to send it.

And that is all for now! Much more later.


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